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If I haven't told you already, I am SO excited at the possibility of working with you. I absolutely LOVE my job and the fact that everyday, I get to help people like you achieve their business hopes, goals, and dreams! This guide goes over the details of my services, so that you can get an idea of what we can accomplish during your project.

Hey there!

Why is a brand so much more than just a logo?

I advise every single one of my clients to invest in a brand package rather than just a logo. If you are truly wanting to make a lasting impression with your brand and stand out from your competition, a strategic, thought-out, cohesive brand is well worth the investment.

The details below are a starting point and designed to give you all the resources you need for a brand that can change and grow alongside your business. It elevates your professionalism by creating a unified look at every touch point and conveys to your clients / customers the passion and intentionality that goes into your business.

Imagine having a brand that you're proud of and speaks to the heart and story behind your business with just a glance!


You'll receive a thoughtful, hand-made brand that connects with and inspires your audience.

Your brand is the heart & story behind your business. A strong brand conveys who you are to your audience, heightens your professionalism, and makes a lasting impression.


Brand Build-Out

Color Palette

Hand-picked colors that will set the mood and tone for your brand! You will receive all your logos in every color variation.

Color Palette

Mood Board

A selection of photos that set the tone and "mood" for your brand. This will be useful as you make visual decisions for your brand in the future. You can ask questions such as: will this stay in line with the overall style we've established in the mood board?

Mood Board

Font System

Typefaces that I put together to complement your logo and brand. I also provide you with some instruction on how to best use these fonts.

Font System

Primary Logos

The main, defining logos of your brand. These will be first choice to be used in most designs. They will be used in places such as: the home page on your website, business cards, etc.

Primary Logos

Secondary Logos

The logos that you will use when your primary logo just doesn't work for the specific situation. These are usually arranged in different layout and add versatility and flexibility to your brand.

Secondary Logos

Brand Marks

Elements that bring another layer of versatility to the brand. They are not usually used in place of the primary logo, but as a complementary element to it. They can be used on items such as: stickers, stationery, patterns, etc.

Brand Marks

Illustrations / Design Elements

These little details can be anything from abstract shapes, to hand-drawn illustrations, to handwritten quotes. These elements bring that unique touch that will make you stand out as well as create endless opportunities as we utilize the brand in your collateral items and/or website. 

Illustrations / Design Elements

Backgrounds / Patterns

These add so much versatility to your brand! These custom backgrounds can be used all throughout the designs to truly make your business stand out from the competition!

Backgrounds / Patterns

Brand Guidelines

This is an in-depth, multi-page PDF that will go over how to best use your shiny new brand! It gives you information on everything from the color palette, to the font choices, to the logo and file types.

Brand Guidelines

Launch Graphics

A collection of graphics designed in horizontal (for blogs), square (for Instagram posts), and mobile (for Instagram stories and Pinterest) orientations that you can use to show off your new brand! All the images in my portfolio are example of launch graphics!

Launch Graphics

Additional Pages
Blog / Blog Post Design
Shop Pages


All Branding Assets +
Guided Content Collection
Shopify or Showit Site
Mobile Responsive Design
Legal Pages
Launch Graphics
Hand-Off Training Videos


You'll receive a custom website that brings all of your brand elements together in an artistic and strategic design.

Your website is the online home for your brand and business—it's important that it reflects who you are and is designed and organized in a beautiful and intuitive way.


Custom Brand and Website

Guided Content Collection

Creating content for a website can feel overwhelming and confusing. That's why I've created a system that streamlines the process and guides you through every step!

Guided Content Collection

Shopify or Showit Site

I have found Showit or Shopify to be the best option for long-term success because of how user-friendly and visually focused they are. By using one of these platforms, you will save thousands of dollars in development and be able to make changes at any time without any knowledge of coding.

Shopify or Showit Site

Mobile Responsive

The other great benefit of designing with Showit and Shopify is the ability to design a website that seamlessly transitions from desktop to mobile. You won't have to worry about your site looking jumbled when visitors view on their phones!

Mobile Responsive Design

Launch Graphics

I will provide you with many pretty mockups (like the image above) of the pages on your new website that can be shared on social media to announce the launch of you gorgeous new website!

Launch Graphics

Training Videos

Showit and Shopify set you up for long-term success because it is so easy for you to make changes in the future without needing my help! That being said, I'll still provide you with many tutorial videos that will equip you with all that you need to know to best use your website in the future!

Hand-Off Training Videos

Additional Pages

In addition to the standard website pages (home, about, services/shop, contact), other possible pages to include are: investment guide, FAQs, etc.

Additional Pages


Blogs can be a great tool for marketing and bringing traffic to your website. If we build a Showit site for you, then your blog will be managed in Wordpress. If we build your site on Shopify, then it will be managed in Shopify.

Blog / Blog Post Design

Shop Pages

For e-commerce site, this package includes the typical shop pages: collections page, product page, account page, cart, checkout page.

Shop Pages

Social Media Templates
Postcards / Inserts
Gift Tags / Labels
Other: Just ask!

Business Cards
PDF Guides

Possible Add-Ons

Many clients choose to add on additional collateral items to complete the look! Details for these will be covered in the consultation call and the price and timeline will be included in the proposal.

Collateral Items

Let's get started!

Because each business has different goals and needs, the price and timeline varies depending on the scope of the project. On our call, we will talk about the goals for your business and how to accomplish them within your budget! Then, I will send a proposal tailored to the specifics of your project.

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The specific deliverables vary from client to client and what is best for their business, but every logo, background, and illustration that is in each PDF is included in the final release folder. I pride myself in giving my clients a comprehensive design suite that has many options for every situation they may need to use their logo/brand.

Take a peek at the PDFs below to get a better idea of what is included in a typical branding project.

Example Projects

click here to view that process

Am I also designing a website for you?

Cheers to the next chapter of your brand!

All digital files are released to you (including color variations, tagline variations, patterns, and icons—you get everything!). Your download folder will also include launch graphics for social media sharing... and don't worry, you'll also receive a comprehensive Brand Guide to help you make the most of your new designs.

05. Launch!

You have three opportunities to request any revisions or tweaks as we hone in on a distinctive design. It's helpful to be as specific with your feedback as possible.

Once your design concept has been refined and perfected, I'll design any additional collateral pieces you've chosen (stationery, social media templates, label design, etc.)—and then bring everything to life online if you've selected a web design package.

04. refine + Repeat

I'll dive into visual design when we reach your scheduled Design Chapter dates. I start with thumbnail sketches to explore concepts, and then hone in on the top design to develop and present to you... I hope you love what you see!

The brand proof I present to you will have the strongest concept with all the elements that make up your brand: logos, color palette, patterns and backgrounds, etc. I'll even include mockups that show how your brand might function in "real" life.

03. design development

It's time for you to do a little soul-searching! Your Brand Strategy Questionnaire is at the root of our design strategy: it's the perfect place to tell me about your business, your ideal clients, and your goals for our time together.

With your questionnaire answers in mind, I'll begin brand research, design strategy, and concept brainstorming. I consider typographic history / character, visual references, and the aesthetic appeal to your ideal target audience. Then, I'll present you with a PDF showing this research before we jump into designing the brand itself.

02. Research & Strategy

We may have already covered this part! Thank you for sharing your initial ideas with me. I appreciate you sharing your vision and inviting me to be a part of your brand story.

If you think of anything else you'd like to share after our initial consultation call, please feel free to list it in your Brand Strategy Questionnaire. Details about your brand are always helpful for me!

01. Discovery Call

Cheers to the next chapter of your business!

Now that the site is live and ready to share, let's unveil your new look with a Website Reveal! You can check out this handy checklist of Tips for a Successful Launch. We'll select a day to publicize your new website and introduce your new look to potential clients/customers and industry peers. Get ready to up-level your business!

As we wrap up the project, I will send you links and resources to tutorials that will guide you through how to use your new site!

05. Reveal

Once the entire site design is approved, we will move into the Launch Phase. For Shopify, all I have to do is integrate your domain and then remove the password page.

For Showit sites, I will submit your website for launch with the Showit team. This process typically takes 1–3 business days (barring any unusual circumstances!). You may expect to your site to go down for a brief period during migration (under 24 hours). When the site is live, I'll hop in and make a few post-launch tweaks to make sure everything looks just right for the big reveal.

04. Launch

You will have three opportunities to request revisions on your website, including design changes and content updates. I'll do my best to make sure everything is picture-perfect before launch, but Showit and Shopify make it easy for you to update photos and text as needed in the future!

03. Refine + Repeat

In the meantime, you can start collecting content. This includes photos and copywriting you would like to use throughout the site (as well as product info for e-commerce sites). It's never too early to start thinking about these items! You can upload all imagery and text to our Asana workspace (I'll guide you through everything that we need to complete the project).

02. Content Collection

I've completed a polished new brand design... and now it's time to bring it all to life online. I'll start by sending you a Homepage for design approval: this is a great opportunity to hone in on the guiding aesthetic for the site.

If you like what you see (and I hope you do!), I'll move on to building the additional site pages. When they're ready for review, I'll send a preview link via Asana so you can see it all coming together.

01. design + Development

The Creative Process

Kind Words

01 / 03

Eryn / Eryn Lynum

I felt like I provided her fragmented thoughts and snippets of inspiration, and she turned them into a unique, compelling, and cohesive brand. She has a fantastic way of capturing what her client is looking for, and delivering beyond expectations. Her systems are incredibly efficient, and equipped me as a client to understand the process from start to finish. I have and will continue to recommend Amarie Lael Design to business fellow owners.”

“Amarie is incredibly intuitive in her designs.

02 / 03

Taylor / Tay Marie Photo

She took the vision I had for the aesthetics of my business and made in come to life. Not only did she create branding I love and am excited to share, but she made things way easier for my potential clients. LOVE HER!”

"Thoughtful, authentic, and organized; Amarie is everything you could want in a designer. 

03 / 03

Nicole / Saltwater House

She was a great communicator during the entire process. She responded to my questions/comments within a few hours. If there was anything she was uncertain of, she took the time to research and figure out a solution. Our website was a little complex to build and she designed it beautifully! I really enjoyed working with Amarie and having her as our web designer.”

“Amarie was an amazing web designer to work with!

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