It's your unique personality and story expressing themselves through a visual design.  It conveys who you are to your clients with just a glance.  A brand that is well thought-out heightens your professionalism and makes a lasting impression.  It allows your potential clients to connect with YOU, not just your business.

Your brand is the story & heart behind your business...

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You will receive the (many) files needed to start using your shiny, new brand along with a brand guide to help you reach the full potential of your brand. If you have invested in a custom website as well, we will transition into that part of the process.

It doesn't just stop here either! Many clients choose to add on other collateral items to to their package to complete the look.  I can do just about anything, so contact me to to see what I offer! 


No. 3

You’ll receive a PDF presentation of your brand with examples to help you visualize your brand and how it will function in "real" life. Along with this, you’ll receive another form guiding you through giving me feedback. There will be 3 opportunities for revisions during this stage of the process.

Depending on what collateral items were chosen, next you will receive a PDF presentation of all collateral items. Along with this, you’ll receive another form guiding you through giving me feedback. 


No. 2

Yay! The contract is signed, the deposit is made, and the brand strategy questionnaire is completed. I’m hard at work behind the scenes diving into the discovery phase of your brand.

You’ll receive a PDF with an in-depth analysis of your brand strategy as well as a mood board to make sure I’m on the right track. Along with this, you’ll receive a form guiding you through giving me feedback on this stage of the process. Once we finalize this stage, I’ll get to work on the fun part, designing your beautiful brand!


No. 1

The Process

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Client must purchase their own ShowIt or Shopify subscription prior to launch.

All Branding Assets +
Website Content Guide
Custom Site Designed via ShowIt or Shopify
Mobile/Responsive Design
Custom Blog Design
Blog Post Design
Launch Graphics
Video Tutorial

timeline — 10-12 weeks

Branding + Web

Mood Board
Primary Logo
Secondary Logos
Brand Marks
Custom Illustrations
Custom Patterns/Backgrounds
Color Palette
Font Choices
Image Direction
Brand Guidelines
Launch Graphics

timeline — 4-6 weeks

Branding're proud of. cohesive from start to finish.
...tells your story with one glance.
...impresses your customers/clients.
...elevates your professionalism. timeless and versatile.

Imagine having a brand that...

I feel so lucky to be able to help people like you tell their story through a beautiful brand.  Together, let's create something that both you AND your clients adore!