I'm dedicated to creating thoughtful, strategic, and beautiful designs in order to give you the tools you need to tell your unique story and make a lasting impact through your business.

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As an entrepreneur, you know how much effort and passion it takes everyday to push your business one step forward. It's the same for me and my business... And that's why I'm so passionate about what I do!  A business is so much more than just a logo and a website – it's a personality with a story, and I love discovering that story and telling it through design. 

So what do you say?  Let's dive deep and find that personality that is unique to only you! Whether you're in need of a cohesive brand or intentional website, I'd be honored to tell your story.

Hey there, I'm Amarie!
( AM - uh - REE )


Rosie, the adorable mini aussie

Ian, my handsome husband

I got to live my fairytale and marry the man that I've prayed for, for so long.  Ian and I met at a college worship night after we had admired each other from afar at many coffeeshops around town. 3 years later, we're married and have started our lives in Greeley, Colorado where we spend most of our time playing cribbage or adventuring in the outdoors with our sweet pup, Rosie.

On August 10, 2019,

Our Little Family

the support behind it all

Summer or winter, I'm always down for a gin and tonic.  They're so crisp and refreshing.  Add a lime, and it's perfect!

I love a good G&T

No. 4

I spend most my time in the car and shower listening to stories about crime.  "Crime Junkies" is by far my favorite.

I have an obsession with crime podcasts

No. 3

I guess that's what happens when you're a photographer and designer.  Good thing I have a lot of storage on my phone!

I have over 12,000 photos on my phone

No. 2

I have a tendency to pick my favorite restaurants purely on how good the sauce is.  (Red Robin's campfire sauce is bomb.)

I LOVE sauce.

No. 1

The Random Facts

They are so refreshing in the summer! Just add a splash of cream and a straw, and I'm a happy girl.

Iced Americano's

They were on my wedding invitation and in my bouquet, and now they're in my logo. There's something about them that I just love!

Tulips in the spring

She's the sweetest pup, always laying right by my feet as I work. Those blue eyes and that speckled nose get me every time.

My girl, Rosie

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Now that you've gotten to know me a little bit, I'd love to get to know you!

Now that you've gotten to know me a little bit,
I'd love to get to know you!