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I only take care of printing for my wedding stationery projects.  However, I am happy to help out with printing needs at an additional price.  I will also always give recommendations for printers that I know do great work!

Do you do printing?

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I understand that a brand or website design can be a huge investment.  In order to make it more affordable, I do offer custom payment plans upon request. I just require that all final payments be made before I send over any final files.

Do you offer different payment plans?

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Payment for services is submitted through an invoice and paid via an electronic invoice that is emailed to you. All project payments are due in two parts, a 50% non-refundable payment is due prior to work beginning and to hold your spot in the queue. The second half of the project payment is delivered at project completion before final files are delivered and/or website is launched. 

What is your payment Method?

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Each opportunity for revisions gives you the chance to give me feedback/request minor changes to the design that I’ve done so far. Any additional revision requests will be charged at an hourly rate.

How do revisions work?

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I'll give you everything you need to be successful with your brand.  You'll receive every version of your logo, icons, illustrations in every color applicable and in every file type (.png, .jpg, .pdf, .ai).  You'll also receive PDF with guidelines for how to best use your logos, type, and colors, as well as custom launch graphics, so that you can show off your new look!

What files do I get once the project is complete?

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About the Branding Process

I do!  I have a lot of experience creating sites that integrate Shopify with ShowIt, and they have turned out beautifully!  There are some limitations to ShowIt, so if your site has a very robust ecommerce section (20 products or more) that is always changing, ShowIt may not be the best option for you.  However, every site/business is different, so don't hesitate to reach out to me with your specific request, and I can advise you as to whether ShowIt is a good option for your business.

Do you offer sites that include ecommerce?

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ShowIt has a great team that takes care of all this. They will transfer your old blog to you new site and it will flawlessly integrate with new the new site I create.

Will you be able to transfer my current blog to my new site?

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My goal is to set you up with a website that will last you and be easy to update without having to hire a designer in the future, and I have found ShowIt to be the best option for this. I will also provide you with all the necessary tools to make changes to your site (ie. PDF guide, video tutorial).  In addition to that, ShowIt has a great help page with all the information you need for editing.  Of course, I'll always be available to help you make changes in the future as well, but it will just be charged at my hourly rate.

What if I need help updating my site in the future?

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Yes! I am available to design website for other platforms.  However, if you choose to go this route, you will still need to hire a programmer to take my design and make it functional as a website.

Do you do websites for platforms other than ShowIt?

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My goal is to set you with a website that will last you long-term and have the flexibility to grow and change as your own brand/business evolves over time. I have found ShowIt to be the best option for this because of how user-friendly and visually focused it is. By using ShowIt, you will save thousands of dollars in development and be able to make changes at any time without any knowledge of coding.

Why do you use ShowIt?

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About Web Design

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