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I’m so excited to reveal the new brand created for Bloom Peony Farm, located in Northern Idaho! Designing a brand for a peony farm is definitely a bucket list project for me. Doesn’t a field full of peonies sound absolutely magical!? During the creation of this brand, it was so much fun imagining what a peony farm might look like and translating that to design. I hope you love the final look as much as I do!

When setting out to create this brand, we wanted it to have an organic, farmhouse style, but to still feel simple and polished, and to capture the graceful feel of a peony flower. To achieve this, we settled on a soft, neutral color palette as the foundation and paired this with a classic serif font for the primary logos. Then, of course, we incorporated lots of floral illustrations throughout.

The secondary logos and brand marks are inspired by vintage layouts, giving the brand that farmhouse feel while still keeping things neat and simple. One of my favorite aspects of the brand is the hand-drawn peony icon found in the primary logo—I actually happened upon this illustration by accident during the sketching phase of my creative process, and it ended up being the perfect icon to complete the brand! My other favorite part of this design is the hand-painted watercolor background that complements the textured look of the peony icon perfectly.

Melissa, owner of the farm, is so kind and was an absolute joy to work with. She has a passion for using sustainable and regenerative growing practices to produce a high-quality flower. If you are ever in Northern Idaho, be sure to check out Bloom Peony Farm if you want some freshly cut, sustainably grown peonies to brighten your home!

“I was blown away with the gorgeous designs that Amarie put together for our brand—everything was crafted with so much care and thoughtfulness. I think that is what makes certain brands stand out from others. I loved how she was so well organized and very responsive to any communications, and I also loved the amount of resources that she’s put together to make things easier for her clients. With her help, I feel like I was able to develop a beautiful brand and image (vs. just a logo), so that I can put a consistent and cohesive look and message out about our farm.” – Melissa

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I'm Amarie (a-muh-ree), the artist and designer behind the business. I am passionate about the color orange, plants, gin & tonics, baby animals, and anything and everything that has to do with art.

With a degree in painting and graphic design, I am truly an artist and illustrator at heart. For every brand created, I aim to incorporate that artistic touch that goes deeper than visuals—it communicates the heart and story behind your business.

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