Portfolio Project: Kristine & Haily, Heartfelt Florals

The brand design for Kristine & Haily is a portfolio project for an “imaginary” client. When I was brainstorming the strategy and style for this made up client, I wanted to push the limits a little bit and take the normal look for a floral brand and make it unique with a bold color palette and funky patterns.

Out of this, my idea for Kristine & Haily was born: A retro, boho floral brand that specializes in bright floral designs. I love this brand because it shows the possibilities for a design that keeps in line with the “wedding” look, but stands out above the competition because of the unique brand elements.

If you are a business owner looking for a re-brand, think about what you can do to step outside of the “norm” for your industry. The goal is to make your business stand out and make an impression. Don’t be afraid to take that big step and do something you haven’t seen done before!

March 13, 2020

I'm Amarie (a-muh-ree), the artist and designer behind the business. I am passionate about the color orange, plants, gin & tonics, baby animals, and anything and everything that has to do with art.

Amarie Lael Design was born out of my passion for starting a business and the desire to use my art to help others. I truly feel I was born to create and I feel so thankful that everyday I get to help entrepreneurs like myself reach their goals and dreams through strategic, artful design.

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